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How Frank Lalor can benefit your organisation

Frank Lalor has been passionately absorbed in Direct Marketing for 35 years. What he has learned and experienced over that time is unique to him.

Side by side with this specialist knowledge, he has been involved with the formation and growth of specialist marketing companies that exposed him to management and marketing principles and innovations.

If your organisation has a product or service that needs new thinking and requires direct channel growth, Frank Lalor could be the catalyst for that vital change and avenue to profitability.

Or, if you simply want to more cost-effectively retain and grow your customer base, increase unit spend, build unparalleled customer loyalty or prospect for a databank of new customers by specific criteria - talk to Frank Lalor.

What he can bring to your marketing portfolio is strategic DM thinking, a sixth sense, objective overview and hands-on detail, with an ability to cut to the quick and offer frank assessment of the marketing proposition on hand.

Creatively, Frank Lalor can construct response-oriented copy to Direct Marketing principles with a proven track record. He can contribute directly to marketing plans and business analysis, with a mandate to minimise risk and maximise on reward.

At arms length, he can also provide invaluable analysis of third party presentations, existing Direct Marketing activities and subjective assessment of new initiatives.

It doesn't matter whether your company is large or small, because internal management, mindset and vision rather than size is what matters.

So, if you want to add a forceful dimension to your marketing mix at management level, email or call 00 353 86 814 6810.


Lalor International Holdings Limited, Dublin, Ireland
Email: Call or text: 00 353 86 814 6810