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Client and project experience & diversity

A sample of the main client and project activities over recent years will help to illustrate the diversity of input, experience and knowledge gained:

Involvement over 12 years with the Newsweek International Atlantic Edition (Europe, Africa and The Middle East) on subscription/retention programmes, Internet subscription development and general consultancy and project management activities. This involved copywriting, creative and performance forecasting to agreed cost per subscription targets.

Consultancy and Direct Marketing project management in conjunction with the management and marketing team from 6 months before inception and launch of One Direct, the An Post insurance and financial services subsidiary (now a joint venture between Fortis Bank and An Post). Consultancy involvement continued for 10 years from inception.

Invited by Bank of Ireland management to be part of the initiation team to form what became Premier Banking and Premier Direct Insurance. This involved input into the strategic Direct Marketing development of this initiative which included creative, media selection and monitoring, new product creative expression and execution over various media, direct response TV and radio creation. This relationship continued for 7 years.

Celtic Autoline was the first direct insurance launch for motor and home in 1986. Frank Lalor was part of the management team for this launch and on-going growth. He was part of the team from 6 months before launch and was effectively the Direct Marketing outsourced "control" for this new initiative for the following 5 years. It was eventually bought over by Hibernian Insurance and used as their new Call Centre.

At the invitation of An Post, the construction of a unique insurance offer and its achievement of a 20% response from homes in Ireland. Lalor International formed an insurance company subsidiary for this purpose and teamed up with AIG Europe to incentivise response for what became the first National Irish Database. All copy and creative was written and developed by Lalor International.

Own insurance product offers resulted from this An Post initiative, with regular offers to segments of the database.

The Direct Marketing launch and subsequent seasonal campaigns for Country Hampers (the hamper concept for advance saving for Christmas hampers for the family) were constructed by Lalor International Holdings on behalf of the U.K. public company, Park Food Group, plc.


Projects identified and explored by Frank Lalor include:

A global Internet Lotto concept.
The construction of an enhanced national business database.
A Tourism Focus Concept for attracting visitors back to Ireland.
Waste Management initiatives with overseas potential partners.
An FMCG couponing concept.
A Global Direct Marketing Knowledge Internet concept.


The desire for knowledge exchange was at the heart of many seminars run by Frank Lalor from the 1980's onwards. These included:

A Positioning seminar - held in the 1970's, it heralded the introduction of Positioning into the Irish market and its application to consumer branded products. Al Ries, the U.S. positioning guru, flew in to address the delegates.
The first Direct Marketing Seminar to be held in Ireland, presented by the VP Worldwide and European VP of the Wunderman International Group (the largest Direct Marketing Agency in the world).
The first Murray Raphel Direct Marketing Seminar in 1986, run in conjunction with An Post. 1,000 delegates attended the two day event in the RDS, Dublin.
In 1987, a more intense 2 Day Direct Marketing Seminar was run by Frank Lalor, with Murray Raphel delivering his DM truisms for one day and 8 international DM experts from Europe speaking in specific topics.
In 1992, 2000 business delegates attended a one day Direct Marketing Seminar presented by Murray Raphel. Titled "Tough Selling for Tough Times" it was held in The Point and received a standing ovation.
Frank Lalor again held a Murray Raphel one day event in 1994, to similar attendance. Both events were held in association with An Post and were used by them to accelerate the interest in Direct Marketing in Ireland.
In November 2000, Frank Lalor held the first World-Wide Lessons in Leadership live Satellite Seminar down-link in the O'Reilly Hall, UCD. Live speakers included Nelson Mandela, Tom Peters, Stephen Covey and other thought leaders and global business leaders.

Side by side with these activities, Frank Lalor continued to network with his international Direct Marketing peers and attend DM conferences in the U.K., Switzerland and the U.S.


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