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Some thoughts on copy and content

Frank Lalor writes:

"I have crafted copy that was the communications platform for direct response products and services that have generated tens of €€€millions for client organisations.

All too often, design takes precedence over copy. Visual stimulation over core proposition. My objective is one-minded - to drive action-oriented response.

I hold a strong conviction that copy should never be commissioned in isolation. It is an intrinsic part of direct response communication, and must evolve as part of the communications and proposition cycle. This script or copy, if properly nurtured to its full expression, will provide the clarity of brief for design and visual identity/personality.

The need for a comprehensive understanding of the objectives and market initiatives, and briefing familiarisation with product or service is imperative if the copy is to deliver on the marketing and communication needs. Ideally, I would want to actively contribute to the subsequent design process, as the proposition appeal can be maximised by astute and creative execution.

Given this insight, I can craft copy and content that clearly presents the proposition, attracts the targeted reader (or listener, or viewer, or Internet browser) to action - with focus on cost-effective business generation."


Lalor International Holdings Limited, Dublin, Ireland
Email: Call or text: 00 353 86 814 6810