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A personal snapshot

Socrates famously said that the unconsidered life is not worth living. I agree!

Me? I'm a mature adolescent with a burning desire to live life to the full. I've achieved lots but want to achieve more for my own satisfaction and well-being.

Direct Marketing and the business dimension is still in my blood and running in my veins. But other pursuits prevail:

My children, family and genuine circle of personal and business friends, who make life so much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Walking with my thoughts on Sandymount Strand, with the beautiful vista of Dublin Bay as my ever-present back-drop

An interest in sailing and a cruiser in Howth, a beautiful fishing village north of Dublin Bay.

Films in the wonderful International Film Institute in Dublin.

Theatre performances in the host of venues in literary Dublin.

Enjoying Dublin and Ireland and Kinsale and dining and wining and cosy bars and the host of reminders that crowd my Art and music and events calendar.

Travel and opening my eyes to other cultures and places.

Photography and my attempts to be creative - getting there!

Good books when I find the time to read!

Attempting to discover the spiritual self and the meaning of life - will I ever? :-)


Lalor International Holdings Limited, Dublin, Ireland
Email: Call or text: 00 353 86 814 6810